Highlight VideoS

You’re engaged, you’re on a budget, and you want more than just great photographs on your wedding day. Who can blame you? We’re so excited to finally carry your memories into the realm of motion capture in 2019. We’re still a bit new to this, so you’ll find our rates are priced to reflect that, and we expect them to change as our portfolio grows. But right now, we’d love to invite you to view our first films, and consider affordable and creative videography with Life Since You.

$500 to $750

We are now scheduling highlight videos for the 2019 year, to be added to our existing photography services, only. You’ll get one teaser trailer and one montage film of the best clips from your wedding day, stitched together over a selection of instrumental music. Nicholas and I will be sharing the video and photographer roles. For those that have booked a two-photographer package with us that also wish to add video, one of our two assistant shooters will take over Nic’s usual role as a second photographer.

It is important to note that we plan to only take one video booking per each calendar month. Video is a bit more complex than photography, and for the sake of maintaining a prompt turnaround of our usual services, we are committed to being selective with our time as we pursue this new project. We are currently booking for 2019 videos. We will announce rates for 2020 weddings on December 1st, 2019. These limited spots are held on a first-come first-serve basis, with a $250 retainer fee required to be sure the cameras will be rolling on your big day, along with the signing of our videography agreement. The remainder will be billed to you alongside your existing wedding balance. Click the button below, and we’ll send you the form to book online today!