Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your turnaround time for edited photos?
Our contract allows for up to 4 weeks for sessions, and 8 - 12 weeks for weddings.
While sessions + weddings captured during peak busy season may push those deadlines, you can generally expect them sooner throughout the rest of the year.

How many weddings do you shoot each year?
Since going full-time in 2016, we’ve averaged 30 weddings each year.

Do you offer any discounts on wedding coverage?
We have different rates for winter weddings, as follows.
$1000 for 4 Hours, $1250 for 6 Hours, and $1500 for 8 Hours.
Only the 8 Hour rate includes two photographers.
These rates are good November - March.

How many photos will we get?
For sessions, we guarantee at least 50.
For weddings, our contract outlines a minimum of 250.

Will our photos be watermarked?
Yes, but no. In the online gallery a digital watermark appears over each photo. When a gallery visitor clicks Download, they will find that they may only save that version. But when you click the Download button you’ll enter a personal pin code that will allow you to save the full-resolution files (without a watermark). These are exclusively yours.

Will we have a print release?
You bet you will. Printing rights are included; copyrights are not.
There’s a difference, and this is outlined in our contract for your purposes.

Can we have the outtakes, raws, or unedited files?
All images not chosen for final presentation in the gallery (duplicates, closed eyes, or other oops) are deleted. And as soon as those that have been chosen for editing and presentation have been finished, their former unedited versions are also deleted, as we have no use for them and need to save space for archiving on our hard drives.

How far do you travel? Do you have a travel fee?
Our rates account for travel to the major cities of Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Wheeling, and everything in between + nearby. Gabby is happy to travel anywhere else in the United States for the price of the 8 Hour, 10 Hour, and 12 Hour rates at no extra charge (we’ll cover the travel). However, Nic stays home with the kiddos.

Are engagement sessions included in wedding rates?
We gift a complimentary engagement session to those who book our 8 Hour, 10 Hour, and 12 Hour rates. These are take it or leave it. There’s no discount if you don’t need one, but no extra charge if you do!

Do you offer prints or albums?
Within the Online Gallery, you can access the Shopping Cart wherein you may purchase any of the products we sell through our partner lab. Prints, fine art canvases, and even albums are available for purchase. You have the print release to your files, so this is entirely optional!

Can you suggest any session locations?
Absolutely! Check out this drop down for a big list of our favorites.