Heaven + Josh

I feel like I've been waiting for this engagement session forever. Mostly because pretty much no one knew about it! These two had only told their closest friends and family that they were engaged at the time they booked with me back in December '17, and they've been sitting on this secret waiting for their time (and these photos!) to come. I just don't think I could keep my mouth, or my excitement, contained that long. Wow!

We met up for these beautiful golden hour captures at Tappan Lake, which is where Josh proposed. In fact, we set those lanterns a drift in the exact spot where that he popped the question! And then afterwards we stood around by our cars for probably half an hour chatting and telling stories! I seriously love when I finish off a session with a couple like that. There's nothing like feeling like you've just spent time with friends, rather than some simple and polite parting like we just wrapped up a business meeting. If it hadn't been my own wedding anniversary, and we would've had some fishing poles with us, I might've just pulled up a chair and said "Heck it guys, let's see if we can catch something while we're catching up."

Sooo excited for these two, and even more so for their June 2019 wedding!