Hannah + Alex

I booked with Hannah + Alex in the summer of 2016. Process that for a minute.
This wedding has been one crazy year and a half in the works.

Originally, these two were supposed to be married in May of 2017. A few months before that, they called me and said "Gabby, we're pushing it back to New Year's. Are you down?" Now normally, I would say heck no to photographing anything on a holiday. But I had already shot their engagement session, which had been a favorite for 2016 (We ended up soaking wet up to our waists after jumping in a creek, but it was worth it.) and I knew they were a couple I absolutely wanted to continue working with, so I said yes.

Guys, it was EIGHT FREAKING DEGREES out that day.
There were several inches of snow covering the ground.

And basically after that experience, should I ever hear a bride complain about not wanting to take photos outside because they're having a winter wedding and "it's too cold" I might drag them into the snow myself for their pictures because it was totally worth it!

Did we keep our cars running, and go back in forth in between shots from our heated vehicles to the grounds we were photographing so that we didn't die of frostbite? Absolutely.

Would I do it again? For these photos? HECK YES!

But I digress.

What meant so much to me about Hannah + Alex's wedding day is that over the year and a half leading up to this shindig, they became more than clients. Hannah became the bride that I could call or text when faced with a difficult business decision and be like, "Okay, obviously you're a bride. What do you think about..." And being a nurse, who for a while there worked at the same hospital as Nic, there was a lot to bounce off there whenever his job (and nightshift life; yikes!) was making us hate life. She's become a real confidant. And Alex? He's pretty much become my favorite person on twitter. The witty banter is strong with this one.

My time with these two is pretty much how I wish every single wedding I book would go, start to finish, from the time I meet with a couple until long after. It's been three months now since their wedding day, and today we got together for lunch. I totally brought Natalie along so that Hannah could get her baby fix on. A few weeks before her wedding? Hannah came by my house and sat on my couch for two hours while we worked on her Wedding Day Timeline. (And no, we didn't need two hours to do that. We just get very chatty.) On their NYE wedding night? Nic and I fully intended on taking up their invite to stay over after our 'paid time' and ring in the new year with them. (But then Nic got disgustingly vomit-y sick and I had to take him home.) I just truly adore these guys, and they deserve the best of everything in the world because they are about as wholesome and real as it gets.

There are about a dozen brides and grooms who I have such a relationship with and they sincerely mean the world to me. Sometimes my experiences with them are the only thing that keep me going in a business where you're bound to run into a bridezilla (or groomzilla!) here and there. I hope no one takes offense to that because I'm not naming any names here, but they're out there and I won't pretend that in a history of photographing 80+ weddings that I haven't encountered any. (And on a side note: Hannah's mom Nancy wins all the mother-of-the-bride awards because that woman is pretty BA, too.)

Anyways, here's to Hannah and Alex, y'all!
A photographer's dream couple, and an amazing pair of friends.