Ashley + Family

You ever hear the phrase "Everything happens for a reason"? Of course!
Well I firmly believe that's why Ashley and I ended up in front of each other's cameras.

A few weeks ago, totally out of the blue, a photographer that I had lined up to do our family photos completely flaked out. No explanation, just a "sorry I can't shoot your photos" and that was that. Let's politely overlook the fact that apparently she had us down for the wrong date, but more heavily consider that she cancelled on us with less than two weeks notice. Holy crap, I'm definitely not referring out that person ever again. Yikes.

Anyways, in my distress I posted to Facebook that I was looking for someone to capture our photos on that day. (I'm pretty booked up right now and I left that day open specifically for our family photos.) Bonus points if the right photographer was willing to trade sessions since this was all so last minute. Enter Ashley, my camera-happy savior.

I've followed Ashley's work for a few years now, but never had the pleasure of actually meeting her though, and I was excited about the prospect of having her shoot our photos. So we met up for coffee to talk details... and ended up hanging out for nearly three hours. Haha! It's safe to say we clicked. So on April 28th she shot our photos, and this Mother's Day weekend I got the amazing privilege of returning that favor.

Man, I was so peeved at that photographer! But that whole situation can kick rocks, because these photos (and the photos I received from Ashley) absolutely kicked ass. This definitely worked out for the best!