We’re Gabrielle and Nicholas, a husband-and-wife duo living life by the lens. We are based out of east central Ohio, but available wherever. Weddings and engagements are the bulk of our portfolio, but we’ll happily photograph couples and family sessions, too. The moments we capture and the people we meet don’t just pay our bills— they’re soul-food for our hearts, always eager for inspiration. We owe so much to the incredible people that we’ve worked with who have allowed us the honor of sharing their stories, many of whom we’ve come to call friends.

It can be said that Gabby has the most appropriate name her mother could have bestowed upon her. She’s chatty, somewhat sweary (sorry, Grandma), and sometimes it takes her a few side stories to get to the point, but she’s a boss at keeping things moving along on the wedding day. Nic is pretty quiet until you start talking geek speak or music, but he brings a much-appreciated level of chill to even the most chaotic of days. It really helps with managing rowdy groomsmen, or parenting our three kiddos.

Our days off are spent with a few small humans named Sophia, Ethan, and Natalie, along with a pup named Tucker. The time we have with them and the memories we create alongside them are what we cherish most in this world. Parenthood has a way of making you realize how quickly each moment passes you by; all the better reason to capture it while you can. Our children are growing up with cameras in their faces, for sure. Gabby shares that part of our lives on her personal Instagram account, @lifepluslens. Feel free to follow along!

“Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we realize that,
the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.”

— Maya Angelou —