Hello, is it me you're looking for?

My name's Gabby. I’m a mom of three, twice married twenty-something, (I guess I just love weddings that much), visual storyteller and proprietor of these here parts. If you didn’t read that last bit in a full on Appalachian accent, are you even an Ohioan? My husband Nicholas and I are the faces behind Life Since You.

So you’ll notice that I do all the emailing and social media bits. Nic’s a pretty quiet guy, but me? I absolutely have the most appropriate name my mother could have given me. I like to chat, and while sometimes I’m awkward, and sometimes I’m sweary (sorry, Grandma), I try to keep it real… it just may take me a few side stories to get to the point. If I could tell a story in words, I guess I wouldn't need a camera.

I bought my first ‘expensive’ camera way back in 2009 when I became a mom and wanted to document every moment of that experience. That’s also where this business gets its name; as thanks to the daughter who made me a mother and a photographer. Parenthood reminds me every day how fleeting life's greatest moments are, and that's part of why I'm so passionate about preserving these memories. I started doing photos for friends and family in 2012, officially opened for business in 2014 after I went through a divorce, and was able to say goodbye to the day-job-life and throw myself into this full-time adventure in 2016. These days our youngest daughter, Natalie, shares a name with our first bride. We’re a bit sentimental like that, but I guess it's to be expected in this line of work.

We specialize in services for weddings, elopements, couples and engagements, and I dabble in boudoir photography, too. While I can hardly get enough of the fearless and beautiful women who step in front of my camera, the love stories that I photograph each weekend are like fresh air in my lungs. In turn, I breathe life back into the photos as I edit them throughout the following weeks. I like to think that I have the coolest job in the world, and I owe so much to the incredible couples that I’ve worked with, many of whom I’ve come to call friends, that have allowed me the honor of sharing their stories along the way.


90's nostalgia. Cider beer. Hole-in-the-wall restaraunts with amazing food. All things Disney, Marvel, and DC Universe. Asking people about their tattoos (and capturing couples who have them). Doctor Who. A really good pulled pork sandwich. No-Pants-Netflix-Marathons. Unconventional wedding venues. Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavored anything. Hiking and biking. People who aren't afraid to get messy/dirty/wet for a great photo. Sitting around a fire. Our LGBTQ couples. Spending way too much money on concert tickets. Roadtrips, poetry books, and vinyl records. Texting each other gifs and memes in place of actual conversation. Our three tiny humans.